Update on the Maker Space

The dyer’s room is getting closer.  We’re waiting on a plumbing part to install the sink, but it’s worth the wait.  It’s an awesome sink! Two deep 17″ x 17″ bowls and drain boards on either side.  The faucet is a commercial sprayer with lots of clearance.    The new circuit breakers are in, and we’ll be able to have 4 steamers running plus the crock pots.

The overhead lighting is natural spectrum LED panels that fill the room with amazing light.

The next steps:

Install the ceiling boards (on order)
Lay the foam flooring tiles
Bring in the storage racks for undyed yarn & fiber
Bring in the pots, pans, and tools rack
Build spice rack style storage for dye powders
Install oversink rack for scouring liquids, synthropol, dishsoap, pH meter station including buffer solutions.
Install hardware for the pull out drying rack and the hanging fiber dryers.

I’m excited at the progress in the dyeing room!  The dry space for knitting, carding, combing,  spinning, and group work is pretty much ready to go except for the ceiling installation.  Once we see how the ceiling looks in the dyeing room, we’ll make the final call on how to finish the rest of the ceiling.

More updates as things progress!  I”m hoping to have it open by the time the weather warms up a bit.


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