Contract Spinning & Dyeing



If you are interested in having fiber hand spun and/or dyed, please contact me at


Let’s work together to capture the colors and mood in yarn.  I have a range of bases in stock, and I can special order over 100 different options.


Dye Options:

Acid dyes, natural dyes, and fiber reactive dyes
Indigo vat dyeing is available in the late spring through early winter.

Fiber Options:

I’m happy to dye just about any fiber.  To name a few:  wool, silk, rayon, cotton, linen, and animal hair, including angora and pet hair.

The only thing I have to pass on is dyeing feathers, as I have very little experience with them.  We are raising chickens now, so that may change!



Embroidery Thread & Crewel Yarn

Currently special order only.

3 weights of silk thread in stock:
1000 meters/100 grams; 3000 meters/ 100 grams; 500 meters/100 grams.

Silk/wool blends, suri alpaca, and hand spun longwool thread available by special order.


I offer a price per yard based on the fiber and finished yarn weight and design.  I also have an option to barter for spinning.  The most common barter is fiber for yarn.  I’m happy to swap for farm goods such as honey, eggs, sheepskins, woodworking, soap, lotion, candles, and such.  Are you a crafter?  I love to bring other people’s art into my home.  Let’s chat.