A Special Skein

Yarn can be more than a pretty skein.  It should enhance your work so that when people see your project, they say, “wow! That is so ‘you’!”

Hand dyeing brings a whole world of colors and experiences to fiber. My dyeing goal is to create yarn that connects with your life.  My hope is that instead of just “beach inspired” colors, you’ll see a skein and remember a special time or place.   That skein will carry a piece of you and your life into your finished project.


Please check my event schedule to see where you can find me.  I sell at shows, farmers’ markets, and through my facebook page: facebook.com/storyspunyarns

Please check out my blog at https://spindlesinthewild.com to see my latest projects and for tutorials on spinning, dyeing, and other fiber arts.

double booth photo

If you would like to commission dyed yarn, please email me at storyspunyarns@gmail.com