Every project has a story to tell



Picking a name for a yarn design business was difficult.  Which way to go?  Cute, Serious, Funny?

I love making yarn, but my first, truest and deepest love (outside of my family) is storytelling.  I love mythology, folklore, fiction, and poetry.  As I thought about the various things we make from yarn, I realized every project is steeped in stories.   From picking the fibers and colors through finishing of ends, the project becomes part of our lives.  When we finish it,we share more than the finished piece.  We share the story of making it.

Our projects tell of people getting married, taking vacations, having babies and fighting illness.  Works in progress reflect our movement through the world. Love them, hate them, wish they would magically complete themselves, our projects embody the stories we tell ourselves when then the snow is knee deep or we have hours to kill at the DMV.  Romance, zombie apocalypses, zeppelins, space ships, aliens, murder, intrigue or courtroom drama.  It all comes out in the patterns and yarn.

This blog is a mash up of book and song recommendations, yarn design, mythology, folklore, and how-to stories.  The how-to stories will share my techniques and well as the ups and downs as I process, dye and use fiber.




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